Welcome to Ship Mattress

(Great mattresses for only $500)

We didn’t spend a million dollars on the website so that we could offer better prices and quality!

Ship mattress is a retail mattress store in Charleston S.C.

with a great reputation for top quality products and services.

We recently teamed up with one of our mattress wholesalers  Southerland.

Southerland is one of the largest mattress manufacturers in the U.S.A.  Manufacturing Englander and Thermal Balance, among others and has been making mattresses since the 1800’s.  Their products and services are the best!

While other online mattress stores price these mattresses at $900 or over, we are pricing the same quality and service for only $500 in queen size.  (This price includes shipping).

How do we do it?  By offering a product that we know people will love.  Only about 3% of online mattresses are returned.  (97% of the people who do not return their mattresses pay for the 3% who do).  Most people do not want to do through the hassle and the process.  

When you purchase our mattress, you will love it!  So why pay for the return option?  (You won’t beat our mattress when it comes to Price and Quality)!

If you do want to purchase insurance so that you have the option of returning the mattress within the first 60 days, we offer that for $300.  (But you will love your new mattress and won’t need to return it)!

We have chosen these two mattresses because we know that for $500 they are the best on the market.

The one on the left is all foam and the one on the right is pocketed coils.  Both are great mattresses!

What Our Clients Are Saying

We just received out Ship Mattress and love it.. Literally the best price and quality around We ended up with an amazing mattress and it was delivered right to our door in only two days. I would recommend this mattress to anyone

Angie S.

We bought the pocketed coil mattress and it is the most comfortable we have ever slept on. My only complaint would be that it took three days to get our mattress delivered but that is OK because we live out pretty far away from the city. Thanks for the great mattress!

Alex S.

I feel we got a great mattress for a great price and we both love our new mattress.

Michelle M.

We shopped online and chose Ship Mattress because our friends bought one and loved it. We love ours also. The price was right and the shipping was very fast. I highly recommend the Ship Mattress!

Helen F.

Went online and bought the Ship Mattress. I definitely recommend buying a bed here. The mattress is so nice. We
love the feel. Definitely recommend Ship Mattress

Josh M.

I am very satisfied with my recent purchase of a king Ship Mattress. The bed was delivered on time, and demonstrated as promised. I would recommend Ship Mattress to my friends.


I moved to a remote location and there are not any mattress stores around. I purchased a mattress from Ship Mattress. I am very happy I came across this company..

Kayte W.

Everyone loves my new mattress! It is fantastic! The delivery was quick and easy. The mattress arrived just as promised and is really a great mattress.. There were NO issues. Also, the way the website is set up made it very easy to buy. I highly recommend Ship Mattress. Thanks guys!

Darla W.

This mattress is truly amazing!!! Not only do they have the cheapest prices I've ever seen but the mattresses are heavenly!!! And the ordering and shipping was quick and easy. What a terrific mattress and online mattress store! GREAT PLACE TO BUY A MATTRESS!

Loretta S.